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Shooting the arrows
One by one, they hit the target...








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((OOC: I guess I'm the first to use the AU journal entry thing? And anyway. Let's assume that there's a filter on this so Ichigo's the only one who can read it))


What would you like as a present~? Or should I surprise you like by sneaking into your room in the middle of the night ? ^_~

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((OOC: there are actually two links for this image. The second one is this one ^^;))

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Hn, you know... Kurosaki is one hell of a good kisser.

...alright, I can't possibly just leave it there, I need to go on about this, I DON'T EVER WANT TO FORGET THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!

Well, actually... I wouldn't mind forgetting the fact that we were caught by HIS FATHER (although it was much better than being caught by Ryuuken). Yes, now that was embarrassing. So Ichigo was dragged off, jacket-less (as I had er, accidentally taken it off when we were in the closet together) and I had to return the jacket to him without anyone noticing, PARTICULARLY Inoue-san.

Of all people, Ryuuken saw me and... ack, the lecture I almost received (he was interrupted by the feeling of yet another coughing fit approaching) scared me enough to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Focusing on getting the hell out of here.

Ryuuken then told me to stick with Inoue-san... which in all honesty was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Particularly after forgetting how much she felt for him, and having a rather nice make-out session with him in a broom closet. She told me she was happy for me us, but I couldn't help but feel guilty... and so selfish. I could tell how upset she was, although it was difficult NOT to. She was crying, for God's sake, and it was all my fault...

She tried to make me feel less guilty about it, in a way only Inoue-san could, telling me that if it weren't for Ichigo liking me, and if he hadn't liked her either, he would have somehow ended up in a life of crime... and told me that I had saved Ichigo's life. I didn't get time to respond, and I took a seat beside Ryuuken as the wedding began... only to have Aizen, of all people, turn up.

That's about when everything went absolutely pear-shaped. People running around, casting spells and trying to escape. I found Inoue-san and we stuck together as we tried to escape, among Aizen's really bad rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" (that song was bad enough without a tonedeaf evil overlord singing it).

Then all of a sudden, we started being attacked by darts. They seemed to have something strong in them, because everyone who was hit would immediately fall to the floor. Inoue-san was hit while trying to shield us from them, and I caught her before she hit the floor and tried to keep her out of harm's way, but I was hit myself.

Damn it.

I hope Kuchiki-san's dress remains undamaged.

......I really, really need to have a long chat with Kurosaki when I see him next.

........and maybe kiss him again.

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The wedding. *uncharacteristic squeak of excitement* KUCHIKI-SAN LOOKS SO PRETTY! And it's all my doing! It all matches her so well and... it's definitely one of the best sewing projects, ever I wonder if we could take it with us when we escape this place?

Well... I've realised just how bad I am at keeping promises. Such as that promise I made to Ryuuken that I would leave Kurosaki alone. I swear, it's like there are opposing magnets inside of us that just draw us together but hey, I'm not complaining

I found Kuchiki-san, Inoue-san and Kurosaki in the bridal chamber, and Kurosaki decided that he needed my help as a hem on his tux was apparently unravelling. Ryuuken appeared around that time and yelled at Kurosaki to stick to "the plan" and began coughing up blood. I did my best to ignore it and Inoue-san went off to help him. That left Kurosaki, Kuchiki-san and I in the room and despite my better judgement, I offered to find an empty room with Kurosaki to fix his tux but we ended up staying in the bridal chamber.

.......He then proceeded to tell me that I. Turned. Him. Gay.

What does that mean? Does that mean what I think it means? Or am I just being too optimistic? And if he likes me, what do I do? What the hell are you supposed to do when someone you like actually likes you back? I have absolutely no clue what to do and...

*deep breath*



Well anyway, Kuchiki-san decided to announce that Kurosaki was gay even before he met me (does that mean he likes/liked someone else?????) and then told me to "fix his clothes, kiss, get naked"

*dies of embarrassment*

I decided to shift all my focus to groping him fixing his tux, but then Arisawa-san came in. There was just something about seeing her pregnant belly that made me unable to stay there, or even look at her - or Kurosaki. So I left.

So now, here I am wandering the chruch and now, I've found Kurosaki asking after me. I nervously offered to fix his tux again.

...We'll see how this goes.

*throws journal at nearby mirror* STOP BLUSHING DAMN IT!

...I hope Ryuuken's alright. The only thing that I can tell myself to make sure I don't freak out about him is that this sickness will be gone when we leave.

I really hope he'll be back to normal soon, though. It really worries me to see him like this. I'd do anything I could to make sure he's fine. Not that he'd ever know about that, if I can help it.

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Well, I seemed to have broken that promise I had made to myself earlier about not allowing the entire... Kurosaki fiasco (as I cannot think of another way to describe it) to get to me. I was sure of only one thing after I found out about his impending fatherhood (aside from the fact that I cared for him so much) and that was that I needed to get as far away from him - and everyone else - as possible.

So that was how I ended up back in the garden of the mansion I apparently work in. I... I think I'll choose to deny the fact that I allowed tears to reach my eyes, let alone pass them. Not even my pride of the Quincy is keeping this from affecting me so badly. I thought I was alone, but Inoue-san managed to run into me. Literally. She was visibly upset and she had already found out about Kurosaki and Arisawa-san. I couldn't help but feel as though I was unworthy for a moment, seeing the raw emotion she had for him like that. I felt somewhat... afraid when I admitted to her that I held similar feelings for him, but she didn't seem to upset in the least. It was comforting to know that someone felt the same way I did, that the pain I was feeling wasn't something only I had to deal with.

It was then that she suggested rebelling against the ones making our lives so miserable. I honestly didn't think that it was possible for her to even have evil thoughts, but then again I can't say that I know everything about her. She is rather an amazing person, extremely compassionate and for that at least, I'm thankful that we managed to run into each other.

So we then decided to meet in the kitchen. Her cooking skills, combined with my cleaning supplies seemed like a wonderful combination to make poisoned food for our captors. We were working on them when Ryuuken came along. He apparently wanted to talk to me about Kurosaki – to tell me to stay away from him, forget about him… move on and, what were his words? Ah yes. That "there are a great many men in the world, they are all pretty much sluts" and something about the fact that "there will be another chance."

He doesn't understand. I know that he thinks I'm too young to feel this way, but I'm not sure if I can let go of Kurosaki. I mean, it's as though on that day we fought against each other, and then against the Hollows and Menos, that a portion of our reiatsu merged. It is as if I just don't have the choice to keep my distance from him. There's always something pulling me back. As much as I hate myself for it, I have to admit that I quite like it – I wouldn’t want it any other way. Over the time I’ve known him for, Kurosaki has just become… comfortable. Now, I won’t even pretend that I mean that I feel comfortable around him, because I don’t. I never have and I don’t know if I ever will, but this feeling... my liking for him. It’s comfortable to feel, for reasons beyond my ability to explain. It’s just a part of who I am now.

But still, I must remember. I did make a promise to Ryuuken that I would leave Kurosaki alone. For now, at least. Until we get out of this place and until something is done about Arisawa-san's... condition.

As a side note, I'm also concerned for Ryuuken's health. He coughed up blood while we were arguing discussing my feelings for Kurosaki and although he ranted about how "They" aren’t even sure what disease he apparently has, he does look tired, and he seems to be playing a rather major part in our escape from here. I hope he doesn’t strain himself. He told me that we won't be leaving this place together and as tempting as it is to ignore his wishes and look out for him, I have some odd compulsion to obey Ryuuken as of late. I suppose it's all those years of a barely existent relationship demanding some sort of compensation.

Anyway, I should get back to these cupcakes. I look forward to the wedding, to tell the truth. Not only because that is when the great escape is planned, but because everyone will be able to see Kuchiki-san's dress and I just can't wait to see the awe on their face when they look at my wonderful creation.

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I... I don't know what to do. What to say. What to feel. He's... he's... I can't believe it. No, I can. I just don't want to. Tatsuki would make the perfect mother for his child, but... Kurosaki... why did this have to happen? Why you? I had never felt so strongly for someone I wasn't related to in my entire life, but you... Ichigo...

Ugh. Forget this. Just move on... that's what I have to do. It's just hard. This hasn't been the most eventful of months, the only thing that happened aside from the bachelor party that really stayed in my mind was walking in on my father and Ichigo's father in an extremely suggestive position. I guess I over-reacted. A bit. But come on, how else would one react to see your father so close to the father of the one person in the world who...

Oh. That brings me back to Ichigo again. Damn it Kurosaki, why the fuck did I let you get to me like you have? I should have known you would hurt me. Anyone I put my trust into ends up hurting me.

...ARGH. Why am I being such a damn whiner lately?! So what, I realised exactly how gay I was. I realised the one person I valued most in my life was going to be a father and... so what? I'm not going to let this get me down. I'm stronger than that. Just watch me, Life, I'm going to get back on my feet and keep. on. walking.

...I know I'm stronger than this.

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If I had thought that the past couple of months had been crazy, with the fact that I had somehow been turned into a vampire and the others seemed to be robots or other such things, I have absolutely no way to explain how I feel this month.

For starters, I ended up in a manor dressed up in a maid outfit. Thankfully, my primary suspicion that I had somehow changed genders was false, as I confirmed as quickly as possible. Kurosaki showed up and I can't believe I offered to prove to him I was still a boy. I don't know what got into me then. I'll blame the confusion of ending up in a random mansion for now. Inoue-san was also there. It seems that while I was the maid, she was the cook. As frightening a thought as that may be, her job seemed to come with the skills too, seeing how Kurosaki and I are still alive after eating her food. It actually tasted quite nice. For some odd reason, Kurosaki had a lapel pin in the shape of a bunny. In fact, it looked quite a bit like the Chappy Bunny character Kuchiki-san seems to be rather obsessed with.

Then, Ukitake-san came down the stairs. It seems that the mansion belongs to him, and he sent me to go find Shunsui-san. I found him at the day spa where... let's just say, a few things happened that I would prefer never remembering. Ever again. There was alcohol, and there was Ryuuken. And his reaction to my maid clothes. He ended up accusing Shunsui-san of rape and well... it wasn't pretty. All through this, I was getting rather drunk and when I was asked to lead Shunsui-san back to the mansion, I ended up taking them all in the wrong direction.

We ended up at Ryuuken's office and as I faced the looming hangover, Ryuuken was smoking! He has absolutely no consideration for others... but he did take care of my while I emptied my stomach into his wastebasket, so I suppose I can forgive him. I seemed to have slept through Kurosaki-san joining us at the office, but managed to wake up in time to find out that Ryuuken had... a condition. Apparently, he had the major symptoms of cirrhosis. I have to admit, I'm rather worried for him, but he insists that nothing is really wrong. We'll see... I suppose.

I ended up taking them all back to the mansion, where I found Kuchiki-san and Ryuuken in one of the bedrooms. She's now engaged to Renji by the decision of her brother and was clearly distressed. After Ryuuken said a few things to make her feel better, she seemed to cheer up a bit and asked me to design her wedding dress.

Oh, it's a dream come true.

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I seem to have lost all grips with reality. Too many things have been happening for me to keep up, and it makes me feel inferior.

Ryuuken hypnotised me and when I woke up, told me that we were going to his apartment because the shinigami wouldn't find us there. He asked if I regretted the promise I made to him. I said no at the time. The training would return my quincy powers, so it was worth it, right? I believed so... I still believe so. I think... I don't know. I'm really not sure of what's going on in my head anymore, and I know even less about what's going on around me.

Ryuuken's apartmentIt felt somewhat safe to be in. He has a cat, which shocked me quite a bit - I hadn't imagined him to be the type to like pets, and he gave me a pair of sai, which I vaguely know how to use. The impostor came again in the form of sensei. I was going to kill him, but it felt as though I was killing sensei, not the impostor and I couldn't do it. Ryuuken was about to, but he fainted when this impostor mentioned "Ishidacest" - a thought I have refused to think about and shall continue to block from my mind. It left, thankfully, and I gave Ryuuken some information on the Shinigami that I met in Soul Society. That was when Kuchiki-san and another Shinigami arrived and I was told to stay in my room. I was going to attempt school work, but I couldn't touch it and began to watch them through my door. Ryuuken and the Shinigami were going to start fighting and I couldn't stay out of it any longer. While I was fighting with Kuchiki-san, she managed to bind me and the other Shinigami stuck a needle into Ryuuken - sedatives I think... I hope. My sai were taken away after I tried to attack Kuchiki-san. Ryuuken fell asleep and the Shinigami carried him and I had to go with them. I felt guilty for assosciating with Shinigami, but Ryuuken was there with me, and it really couldn't be helped, could it? I tried to stay away...

Anyway, that Shinigami turned out to be Kurosaki's father. We went to the clinic and Kurosaki bombarded me with questions I didn't want to answer. I think I did a rather good job in keeping what I wanted to myself and only saying what I had to. I hope Ryuuken won't be angry with what I said to Ichigo Kurosaki. Kuchiki-san's brother turned up and I wasn't too happy with the way he walked towards Ryuuken's sleeping form and managed to keep him away. I can't help it, Kuchiki-taichou makes me feel far too uncomfortable. We went to Soul Society. Or were supposed to. Something went wrong.

The next thing I knew, I was in a strange room and, well I had become a vampire. Ryuuken too. He woke up but was rather delirious due to the drugs Kurosaki-san had injected into him. He didn't seem pleased at all. We managed to find Kurosaki-san and Ryuuken wanted to kill him. Then, he wanted to drink his blood instead. Despite the fact that the fangs and clothes make us look cool, the bloodlust is definitely something I could live without. I'm afraid I'll hurt people I care about. Matsumoto-fukutaichou showed up and well, from some reason she was a vampire slayer. Not so fun. She tried to attack me but Hitsugaya-taichou stopped her. I'm glad I didn't have to "suck her dry" as Ryuuken told me I had permission to do if she attacked.

We found Inoue-san and Arisawa-san, who both changed their forms quite a bit too. Inoue-san was a robot who was able to shoot out food. She gave me a few steaks to suck dry and I was sated. I was extremely releived she was a robot. If I had bitten her, if I had hurt her at all, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. And I don't think Kurosaki would either.

Aizen turned up and everyone began to attack him. Amidst all of the confusion, I think we all managed to stay safe. Kurosaki turned up. Well, he was actually a she which made me feel a little less ashamed for-- ah. I'll shut up and Aizen declared he was Kurosaki's father. I think he was lying, though. I can see too much similarity between Kurosaki and his father (Kurosaki-san, that is) to believe anyone else could have fathered such a wonderfully desirable creation hard-headed idiot. Speaking of which, I crave his blood.

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